Autism Diagnostic Clinic

This is a multi-disciplinary clinic carried out by Consultant Paediatrician in child development/neurodisability and two Specialist Speech and Language Therapists. This clinic involves three separate assessments. These are generally administered on the same day and feedback is provided.

autistism diagnosis

General Developmental Assessment

This is carried out by a Consultant Paediatrician in child development/neurodisability. The Paediatrician will discuss your child’s needs and your concerns with you. They will carry out semi-structured play and assessment activities designed to evaluate your child’s physical, cognitive, speech/language and social development, alongside any potential medical needs. Following this assessment they will provide recommendations and advice. This may involve further assessments/referrals to other professionals. The Paediatrician may or may not advise you to proceed with the remaining assessments within the Autism Diagnostic Clinic depending on the results of this assessment.

Structured Parent Interview (ADI-R) or (3Di)

This is a structured interview conducted by a Consultant Paediatrician in child development/neurodisability with the parents/carers of individuals who have been referred for the evaluation of possible Autism Spectrum Disorder. This interview is used for diagnostic purposes and measures behavior in the areas of reciprocal social interaction, communication and language, and patterns of behaviour. The interview covers the referred individual’s full developmental history, and generally takes one to two hours. The caregivers are asked questions, spanning the three main behavioral areas, about either the individual’s current behavior or behavior at a certain point in time. Your child is not required to attend this appointment.

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition (ADOS-2)

The ADOS-2 is administered by two Speech and Language Therapists’ with specialism in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorders and social communication. The ADOS-2 involves observing your child engaging in various assessment tasks with the Speech and Language Therapist. These are standardised activities that allow the examiner to observe the occurrence or non-occurrence of behaviours that have been identified as important to the diagnosis of autism and other pervasive developmental disorders across developmental levels and chronological ages. The Speech and Language Therapists’ will score the ADOS-2 and feed these results back to the Consultant Paediatrician in child development/neurodisability who will then combine the results from all three assessments and make a diagnosis as indicated. You will be provided with a written report.