Parent Testimonials

My son (age 8) has been coming to the London Children’s Practice for the past 5 years for speech, OT and feeding issues. The practice has been wonderful in addressing and helping move on and develop all of my son’s personal and cognitive skills. My son has been coming to the workshops for years too. He loves them – many of the same children come each time and there is a great atmosphere. It is lovely for the children to be occupied in the holidays and for them to be challenged and stretched and learn as well as play. The workshops are great for social skills, turn taking and peer interaction. There is a great team of professional, young, committed and enthusiastic therapists who are on hand if there are any concerns. I would not hesitate to send my son to these workshops for as long as wants to go as I know how much he enjoys them and is always sad at the end when they finish.


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occupational therapy testimonial

My son really enjoys classes in London Children’s Practice and he made very noticeable progress in his development and self-confidence. I tried many therapists before, but nowhere was as effective as London Children’s Practice.   He is going there every week now and we can’t wait for the next camp to begin!


Since coming to London Children’s Practice, my daughter who is diagnosed with autism and severely delayed in speech has become more confident speech has improved her understanding has improved She is such a chatterbox now, we are working more on her responding back now to us.


I’m not sure what we’d do without London Children’s Practice! The entire team has helped us immeasurably.  My four-year-old autistic son has music therapy, SLT, OT, and attends an early years group session.  Because there does not seem to be an early years provision in London specifically for autistic children, the early years session has been incredibly helpful.  The combination of all his therapy has helped my son with self-regulation, eye contact, concentration, interaction, initiating activities, and speech, among so many other things.  The therapists have taught us about developments in autism, sensory diets, PECs, food aversion, and a variety of autism-related topics, as well as given us tools to use at home. The therapists apply a gentle approach and genuinely care about the children.  While in the waiting room, I have seen children run into the arms of the therapists once they see them. This, for me, says it all.


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SENCO Testimonial

As a SENCO I have had almost ten years of collaborative work with the London Children’s Practice. Over the years, they have been able to provide my various schools a reliable and professional team of speech therapists (and occupational therapists). They find me the speech therapist who is able to do the required hours, and in addition to teaching the pupils they are also able to do some screening of other pupils who perhaps do not require a full assessment as well as providing insets for the schools and providing regular reports for the school and parents. The speech therapists and I always encourage the school staff to go and observe the lessons from which they learn a lot about the individual needs of each child. The LCP makes my life so much easier and I hope to still be working with them in another ten years’ time.

SENCO, Rokeby School