What equipment is important to buy for children with sensory or fine motor needs and where can we buy it?


Equipment such as a junior move ‘n’ sit cushion is recommended for children who struggle to sit still at their desks. This should be partially inflated so that it is a wedge shape, this will help to promote a good sitting position as well as reduce fidgeting. A gym ball which is a similar height to the child’s knee can be used for children to sit at their desks (with close supervision) in order that they can move while sitting (they should be sitting in a posture with their knees and feet at a 90 degree angle). Scissors such as long loop scissors or mini easy grip scissors can be used to help develop children’s scissor skills. Theraputty is excellent for children to fidget with while they are listening- a 454g pot is a recommended size as a general guide, young children would need yellow (soft) putty), infants would need red (medium-soft) putty and juniors and above would need green (medium) putty. Please note that theraputty also develops hand strength and cannot be substituted for Play Doh. Other fidgets include items such as tangles and stretchy men. Websites such as Amazon and the complete care shop can be used to buy this equipment.