What type of assessment should I recommend?


Speech and Language Therapist

  • Any difficulties above
  • Any difficulties related to speech sounds, language, understanding, attention, play, social skills, communication.

Occupational Therapist

Does the child display any of the following?

  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Slouching/slumping in seat
  • Needs lots of breaks
  • Poor focus in class
  • Difficulties with handwriting/pencil grip
  • Poor organisation skills
  • Difficulty with physical activities such as climbing, kicking a ball and jumping
  • Clumsiness

Educational Psychologist

  • Poor reading, writing and spelling
  • Specific difficulties with Maths or Numeracy
  • Obvious discrepancy between verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Overall lack of confidence in academic ability
  • Memory difficultiesAny other learning difficulties
  • Difficulties with concentration/focus