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Anastasia Hamilton

Speech and Language Therapist

Annie is a highly specialised Speech and Language Therapist with a Bachelor Degree in Speech Pathology from The University of Queensland, Australia. Annie has experience working with infants and children with feeding, swallowing and early communication disorders in tertiary paediatric hospitals across Australia and Asia, including providing video fluoroscopic swallow studies, and tracheostomy management. She currently works for the NHS as a Principal Speech and Language Therapist leading a team of feeding therapists, and is leading service delivery for feeding and swallowing difficulties in the London Children’s Practice.


Annie has trained extensively in feeding and dysphagia courses with Dr. Maggie-Lee Huckabee and Dr. Joan Arvedson, with TalkTools® in the Sensory-Motor Approach to Feeding, and with Dr. Kay Toomey and Dr. Erin Ross in the S.O.S. Approach to Feeding. She works with infants and children throughout their feeding development, and has experience in managing difficulties with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, functional assessment of tongue and lip ties, reflux, commencing solids, and texture progression, chewing skill development, drooling, overstuffing and pocketing food, oro-motor concerns, coughing and choking during feeding and mealtimes, fussy and picky eaters, challenging mealtime behaviours, implementing mealtime structures and routines, and individualised parent and caregiver training in all of these areas.


Aside from her specialist paediatric feeding and swallowing knowledge, Annie is also passionate about and credentialed to provide parent and caregiver training in the Hanen “It Takes Two to Talk”® and the Circle of Security-Parenting® programmes, and in Makaton/Key Word Sign, through both one-on-one and group settings. Annie strongly believes in a holistic and family-centred care approach, with an infant mental health and attachment focus.


Annie’s services are available on Mondays at the Wimpole Street clinic, and for home visits subject to location and availability.


Apart from her time working together with children and their families, Annie enjoys reading, writing, tending to her plants and exploring new places.


Service List


0-12 months

Support with bottle feeding challenges
Breastfeeding support and linkage with local networks
Functional assessments of tongue and lip ties
Support and advice on nipple confusion and reflux concerns
Commencement of solids support and advice
Texture progression and chewing skill development

12 months +

Fussy and picky eaters using principles of the S.O.S Approach to Feeding
Managing challenging mealtime behaviours
Establishing mealtime structures and routines
Oromotor Drooling, food overstuffing/pocketting concerns
Tongue, lip and jaw movement concerns using Lori Overland TalkTools® Sensory-Motor Approach to Feeding
General difficulties with eating and drinking
Coughing and choking during mealtimes
Second Opinions Second opinions on feeding and swallowing difficulties/delays