Our telehealth online sessions and home programs are a great option to help your child access therapy support at home. To find out how these can work for your child, please contact us on 020 7467 9520 or contact our Online Services Director, Katie Pennycuick, by clicking below.

Welcome to the London Children’s Practice

The London Children’s Practice has merged with Ruth Jacobs Children’s Therapy to provide a very wide range of therapeutic expertise.

We believe in early intervention and ongoing therapy input to ensure that children make the most progress possible, and we strongly believe in a child- and family-centred approach. We have a team of over 50 highly-skilled therapists whose expertise enables children of all ages to achieve their potential.

We provide Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology, Paediatric Medicine, Art Therapy, Tutoring and EAL support services, through comprehensive assessment and intervention in individual sessions and in small groups.

Our clinic can be found in Chelsea, London. Our settings are child friendly and provide a warm and welcoming environment for our patients and their parents and carers. The children really enjoy their sessions which enables them to make progress faster.

We also provide Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy services to a large number of schools across London, including nurseries, state schools, private schools, and schools for children with Special Educational Needs. We also have high calibre support staff who are able to follow through programmes in the clinic, at school, and at home.

Our Clinic is Located At:

Sloane Square

1A Queripel House

Duke of York Square

Sloane Square, London.


020 7467 9520

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Our Services

Find out more about the extensive range of assessment and therapy services we offer at our clinics, including groups, Saturday sessions, and home visits.

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Our Team

We have a great team who specialise in Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, medical treatment and more.

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School Services

We currently work and consult with many of London’s finest independent and local authority schools and nurseries.


Here are some testimonials from some of our clients.

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  • My son (age 8) has been coming to the London Children's Practice for the past 5 years for speech, OT and feeding issues. The practice has been wonderful in addressing and helping move on and develop all of my son's personal and cognitive skills. My son has been coming to the workshops for years too. He loves them - many of the same children come each time and there is a great atmosphere. Read more here...

  • Since coming to London Children’s Practice, my daughter who is diagnosed with autism and severely delayed in speech has become more confident speech has improved her understanding has improved She is such a chatterbox now, we are working more on her responding back now to us. Read more here...

  • I’m not sure what we’d do without London Children’s Practice! The entire team has helped us immeasurably.  My four-year-old autistic son has music therapy, SLT, OT, and attends an early years group session.  Because there does not seem to be an early years provision in London specifically for autistic children, the early years session has been incredibly helpful. Read more here...