Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy (OT) addresses the question ‘Why does this child have difficulties managing his/her daily activities, and what can we do to make it possible for him/her to manage things better so that it has a positive impact on their health and general well-being?’. Our primary goal is to assist children participate in everyday activities.
Our Occupational therapists provide:

  • Assessments;
  • Individual therapy at school, at home and/or in our clinics;
  • Group therapy – ‘Wonderful Writers’ (Handwriting), ‘Little Hands’ (fine motor skills and pre-writing skills), ’Mover and Shakers’ (physiotherapy and occupational therapy), and ‘School Starters’ (speech and language therapy and occupational therapy school readiness);
  • Parent and teacher training, talks and advice;
  • Home and school programmes; and,
  • Medico legal assessment reports.

Children learn best by doing so our therapy sessions are fun and meaningful and provide multi-disciplinary practice skills through a range of different activities such as:

  • Visual fine motor skills – cutting, colouring, drawing, threading, puzzles, etc.
  • Sensory motor skills– posture, balance, throwing and catching, etc.
  • Self-care skills – dressing and undressing, using cutlery, etc.
  • Handwriting
  • Planning and organisational skills

The London Children’s Practice Paediatric Occupational therapists work tirelessly to assist and help children succeed in performing their self-care and school/play activities.