Consultations and Home Programs

We recognise that some families may not live in London or are unable to travel to a clinic for sessions regularly. We are happy to offer the option of a consultative model of working for both Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. This model also works well for children who do not require regular ongoing sessions but would benefit from indirect therapy input via a home or school program set up by a Therapist.

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The Process


The Therapist obtains a case history from you and assess your child, formally or informally, to identify their strengths and areas of need.


The Therapist meets with you (and your child, if appropriate), to discuss the results of the assessment and work with you to identify functional goals.

Set Program

The Therapist sets up a program of activities, demonstrates them in a session with you and your child, and provides you with the necessary materials.


The Therapist conducts a follow up review of progress with you and your child after an agreed period, and updates the goals and program as required.

The Benefits


We provide a full assessment and in-depth analysis of your child’s needs, preferably in clinic, but the bulk of therapy is carried out in your home environment, which enables your child to access therapy even if clinic sessions are not viable.


We encourage parents and carers to be fully involved in the therapy process, both in and out of clinic – collaborating with your therapist to set goals and running a program at home can help you better understand and manage your child’s needs, while also enabling you to help your child generalise their skills across their everyday environments.


The program set-up and reviews can be conducted both in clinic or remotely, via video call, which makes troubleshooting and seeking advice during the course of your child’s home program easily accessible, even if you are unable to travel to a clinic location.

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Want to find out more?

To find out what areas we can assess and provide support for through the Consultation Model, visit our Clinic Services page.

To find out more about some general strategies and what you can do at home to support your child’s needs, visit our Support FAQs page.

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