Group Therapy

Please note that our clinic groups are currently on hold due to COVID-19 and social distancing needs.

We often recommend group therapy for children who may not need the intensity of one-to-one therapy, and are able to develop their skills in a fun and motivating group setting. Groups also have the additional benefit of providing opportunities for social interaction and communication, and allow children to develop and learn alongside peers with similar abilities.

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Sloane Square Clinic

 Attention Builders


This group aims to support children in developing their ability to sustain their attention by providing them with skills and strategies to use to assist them in the classroom, at home and other social settings.

 LEGO Therapy Group


This group aims to develop social communication skills in children by giving them the opportunity to practice their social interaction and communication skills. This group focuses on skills such as sharing, turn-taking, following rules, using names and problem-solving.

 Reception Group


This group aims to develop social communication skills as well as expressive and receptive language skills in children aged 5-7. The group focuses on whole body listening, conversation skills, play skills, friendships and aspects of receptive and expressive language.

 Preschool Language Group


This group aims to support children between the ages of 4 and 6 in developing their attention, vocabulary, understanding and use of language, as well as their social communication skills. Activities are usually planned around themes to make the session fun and engaging.

 Handwriting Support


Handwriting is a complex skill that children require everyday within a school. This group aims at breaking down the process of letter formation, letter orientation, sizing and correct placement of letters along with building a functional pencil grip.

 Zones of Regulation


These groups use a conceptual framework used to teach students self-regulation and self control. This involves controlling one’s behaviour, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long-term goals.The group will teach students to use strategies and tools to help them move between zones.

To enquire about groups, or to book your child a place,

contact our office at 020 7467 9520 or email office