Bethany SteelSpeech and Language Therapist

    Bethany is a Speech and Language Therapist with a BSc from the University of St Mark and St John.

    She has worked with a varied paediatric caseload from early years through to mainstream primary school within a range of school and clinic based settings. These settings have gifted her the opportunity to carry out assessments and work alongside children who have: Special Educational Needs, Speech Sound Delay, Language Disorders, Specific Language Impairment, Working Memory Difficulties, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Social Communication Difficulties. She is trained in Makaton sign language and has gained both level 1 award and level 2 certificate in British Sign Language (BSL). Bethany has a particular passion for working alongside children who have Dyslexia and speech sound disorders.

    Bethany is a registered member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health and Care Professions Council.