Liz CluffTeam Lead & Occupational Therapist Assistant

    Liz is a fully-qualified Occupational Therapist from the University of Western Sydney, Australia and is currently working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at London Children’s Practice, pending full HCPC Registration to be able to use the ‘Occupational Therapist’ title in the UK. Liz has experience in a variety of settings including school, community and hospital based practice.

    Liz has a background of community-based practice working with both children and adults with a broad range of diagnoses, as well as in a private inpatient rehabilitation facility for children with complex needs. They have a particular interest in adaptive equipment prescription as well as working as part of team based approach to an individual’s needs and goals.

    Liz’s interests include travel, coffee and attending music gigs and festivals.

    *Liz is a fully qualified Occupational Therapist, awaiting full HCPC Registration confirmation to use the title of ‘Occupational Therapist’ in the UK.